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When you lose an adult tooth, restoring the function of your mouth is a top priority for Kenneth Higgins, DDS, and the team at IDTC Dental Center LLC in Grand Prairie, Texas. That’s why they offer dental implants to replace missing teeth. To learn more, call IDTC Dental Center LLC or book an appointment online today.

Dental Implants Q&A

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that hold your replacement teeth in place if you have missing teeth. These small titanium posts bond to your jaw after surgery during a process called osseointegration. Once bonded, the exposed portion of your implants connect to dental crowns, dentures, or a dental bridge to secure your replacement teeth.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

An attractive alternative to dentures and dental bridges, dental implants offer many advantages, including:

Enhanced self-esteem

Dental implants hold your replacement teeth in place so they won’t shift in your mouth like dentures. They give you the confidence to smile, laugh, and speak, without feeling that you’re wearing artificial teeth. 


Dental bridges and dentures typically last between 5-15 years before needing replacement. In most cases, dental implants last for at least 25 years or more.

Easier eating and speaking

Since dental implants bond to your jaw, they eliminate many of the problems that people with dentures sometimes experience. They won’t slide on your gums or increase your saliva production, so you can eat the foods you want and speak clearly.

Bone resorption prevention

Without a tooth, the bone that supports it resorbs back into your body over time. That can change your facial structure. Even a single missing tooth can lead to a sunken facial structure, making you look older than you are. Dental implants keep the bone intact to prevent resorption.

Improved oral health

Dental implants require no special care. You can brush and floss your teeth as normal to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

How are dental implants placed?

Dental implants require weeks of planning before surgery. The team at IDTC Dental Center LLC must determine whether you have enough bone in your jaw to support implants and, if you do, where your bone is strongest. If you don’t have enough jawbone to support implants, you may need a bone graft prior to surgery.

When you visit the office for your implant procedure, the team administers anesthesia so you won’t feel any discomfort. Next, your provider makes a small incision in your gums and inserts the implant. It takes about 6-12 weeks for your implants to osseointegrate.

The next step in the dental implant process is creating your custom-made replacement teeth. During your next appointment, the team takes impressions of your mouth. In 2-4 weeks, the team can connect your new teeth to your implants for a fully restored smile.

Dental implants are the best treatment to restore the look, feel, and function of natural teeth. To learn more, call IDTC Dental Center LLC or book an appointment online today.